Emotibles Cute Earphone Charms - Many Designs!


Super cute to give Personality and Emotion to your boring old headphones! How are you feeling today :)? Each pair comes in a variety of adorable designs and Emotions
Flexible Rubber grip onto classic iPod earbuds as well as second-generation Apple earbuds with included inserts. They also fit many third-party earphones.
Choose from a pair of:
1. starry-eyed (str-ē-īd): filled with such youthful hope and optimism that ones eyes twinkle even when its dark. Pink!
2. skeptical (skĕp-tĭk-əl): doubtful of a claim or claims, often expressed by elevating ones eyebrow as if to scrutinize.Green!
3. smitten (smĭ-tən): seized by feelings of tenderness towards another, often exclusively so, resulting in a flushed complexion and lingering smile. Orange!
4. curious (kyr-ē-əs): 1. taking an interest in things, especially ones neighbors; 2. odd or unusual. Purple!
5. cranky (krăn-kē): in a state of gloom or ill temper, often as a result of misfortune, bad weather or love gone wrong. Red.

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