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Quixotic, US?
Quixotic, US is a branch of the original Singapore-based Quixotic, Inc.. Quixotic, US aims to bring Quixotic’s unique brand of Cute, Vintage and Quirky directly to US buyers. Quixotic, US will stock a different range of goods from the original Quixotic, Inc., and will focus on Cute and Quirky items not easily available in the US and imported from all over the world, as well as wonderful Handmade items, lovingly crafted by incredibly talented Indie designers!

Why Quixotic?
Vintage has always been a love of mine -- I've been visiting Fleamarkets and Quirky Cute shops all over the world for as long as I can remember. Quixotic springs from this love and my goal of bringing Cute and Adorable items, One-off Lovely pieces, and Wonderful Trinkets to everyone to enjoy.

Why the name "Quixotic"?
Because the meaning of the word really captures the spirit of what this website is about --

Romantic to the point of occasional impracticality.

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